Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Basics of Christianity 1

I will publish some articles going through the basics of Christianity. Our roots, where it started, and why we need Jesus. I live in America, a country very much “under the gun” right now both financially and spiritually. It is very likely connected. We as individuals or nations are either blessed by God or in the hands of the enemy, which is Satan. There are so many things going on in this country right now; threats that will take away freedom of speech for one, with laws that will criminalize speaking the truth from the Bible. We live in very serious times my friend and it’s more important than ever that people get to hear the gospel so they can take a stand for or against Jesus. There’s no middle road. I pray that the Lord will show me what to do. How I can best reach people.
Lord, where do you want me to go, and what do you want me to do?

Why Jesus only ?

You may not have asked this question, but it's a fact that Christians all over the world with no exception, claim that there's only one way to God, and that way is Jesus Christ. The answer to the question is, that Jesus is the only one who deals with the basic problem of mankind, which is sin. No doctrine, no religion can cure this. All you can hope to get is some polish, some nice behavior maybe, but man's nature persists.

What is sin?

Sin is to turn away from God and wanting to go your own way, and thereby miss the purpose for one's life. And to miss the very meaning with why we were created.
The Bible does say that God created us; even created us in His image. God created man out of love because he wanted to have fellowship. What we see in the world today are consequences of sin;hatred, violence, murder, selfishness, sexual promiscuity. All of this is sin in God's eyes and a fruit of man going his own way, turning away from God.

The Garden of Eden.

God created man out of love and put him in a wonderful place where everything was good and good only, the Garden of Eden, and God gave man authority over His creation.
He blessed Adam and Eve and said:
“ Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth” (Genesis 1:28).

There was no death; life was eternal. Both man and creatures were to eat from everything that the earth would bring, all kinds of fruits and herbs.
Eden was full of trees of every kind that were "pleasant to the sight and good for food."

In the center of the garden God put the "Tree of Life" and also the"Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil”.
God gave Adam the command that he could freely eat from any of the trees in the garden, except for the"Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil”, for if he did that he would surely die.

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