Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jesus or Santa

America is so much more a Christian nation then any of the European countries today. Still at this time of the year it saddens me a little that so much of Christmas in the media is just about Santa Claus. In America the whole story around Santa is also so much more developed than anywhere else.

I’m from Scandinavia, which is close to the North Pole by the way, and we have our version of “Santa”, though he has another name, but there are no reindeer's or Elf’s. We just have our “Santa” show up on Christmas Eve for the kids and usually he just comes walking through the forest.

Just to make that clear, I enjoy some of the Santa movies as well. Santa Claus 1 with Tim Allen is very cute and my favorite. It’s just to much of it in the media, movies, shows etc; all the talk about the Christmas spirit, everywhere and no mentioning of Jesus Christ who should be the center of attention.

It just makes me sad that every TV channel except for Christian TV, is soo out of focus.

I wish you all a wonderful, blessed, Jesus centered,

Happy New Year!

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