Friday, November 21, 2008

Humanism and atheism.

Some time ago, I found an article in Modesto Bee, a newspaper in our nearest town. It’s written by Mark Morford. His article has the headline “Teddy Bear Blasphemy 2007” and among other things he is astounded over the Christians reaction to the movie “The Golden Compass.”

There were protests all over America where Christians wanted to warn people and especially children to not see the movie. Looking back, I think Christians succeeded on this one. There was a lot of hype when the movie was released, but the movie just died and did not have the impact the producers had hoped.

This is my reply and the letter I sent to Mark Morford.

Mark, you briefly mention the movie “The Golden Compass” and you make fun of and can’t understand why Christians make such a big deal of a movie about a bear. This is the reason: there is a very deliberate scheme behind the “The Golden Compass.” The movie is not inspired by God, but by the devil and its main target are children. If the devil can saw a seed of serious doubt and disbelief in children early, it will be much more difficult to win them over for Jesus and millions of now kids and later adults will be lost for eternity. That’s the devil’s plan. This is very serious and the reason why Christians are warning people of this movie.
I understand that you are an intellectual and believe that you can fully understand everything. Believe me, without revelation and the Holy Spirit you can’t.

There are some other things in your article. You are very upset over the Pope’s statement that; -“Modern day atheism have led to the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice ever known to mankind.”
I heard a man of God say recently that atheism is on the march. I know that he knows as well as I do, that “there is nothing new under the sun”, Ecclesiastes 1:9. I think what he meant was, that it’s taking new forms. Like in the shape of humanism for example where people very purposely work against Christian faith.

What is interesting to me and is a misconception of true history, people like yourself seem to think that there has been a time in history when this world was “Christian “and that now we the humankind have reached a point where we know better. That we have evolved as human beings. Nothing can be further from the truth.

This world has always been “worldly”, and to follow Jesus has always been the narrow road. In every generation the majority of the population has been heathens and only some have found truth and eternal life. There have been times when Christian thinking and Christian ideals have been more or less influential. South Korea today is said to have about 30 % Christians. That’s a very high number. The country that I come from, which is Sweden, is thought to have less than 1 % Christians; a very secular country today. Sweden was the first country in the world to legalize partnership between homosexuals, as early as 1995. Even to the point where the Lutheran church now conduct the ceremony.
The Bible talks very clearly about that lawlessness will take over in the latter days. I believe, and I have heard it being prophesied, that when you create a law that totally goes against what the Bible, which is God’s law says, you open up the door for all kinds of lawlessness. We have seen that in Sweden. We now have crimes that were unthinkable only a few decades ago. We hear about parents killing their children, children killing parents, shootings, and just horrible, horrible things happening.

You seem to think that atheism is the answer to the world’s problems and you can’t name any evil atheist rulers. Let me help you. Want some names of cruel atheists in history? Here are some that have killed millions of people; Lenin, Stalin, Mao TseTung…. Why don’t you do a little research? Hitler used religious symbolism but he was clearly not a Christian and he got some of his inspiration from the occult.
What about Envar Hoxha who was the dictator of Albania? He proclaimed Albania as the first atheistic state. He kept his people in poverty and ignorance for over 40 years. Nobody could ever leave the country and he convinced everybody that the world outside was horrible. They would scare their kids, saying; - “If you don’t behave, we will send you to America.” (I know this since I have had Albanians staying in my home in Sweden when they came to attend bible school.)The truth is that Albania was one of the poorest countries in the world and they are still struggling. (I have been there and seen it with my own eyes). Albania was freed as late as 1993 I think it was.
Look at the Roman emperor Nero back in history. I mean, history is full of cruel atheists, if you really want to know. I’m not a catholic but I think the Pope is right in his statement.

The Christian battle is won with the Word of God which is a spiritual sword. One by one, by one as hearts are being open to and receiving Jesus. Islam is the religion of the physical sword. That’s why we have terrorism. They believe in physical violence and Jihad is a reality in their belief system. I don’t care what has been done in God’s name; you don’t find anything like Jihad in the Bible.
Christian faith is not blind. It’s a faith of revelation. I don’t know what your background is or why you have such a negative view.
There’s a spiritual reality behind all we can see with our eyes. My first eight years as a born again Christian I would go out and witness to people about Jesus. The argument that without religion everything would be great in this world I have heard so many times. I heard it on the streets of Stockholm, and I heard the same argument on the streets of Madrid. There’s a war going on in the spiritual world all the time and the only way for an individual to win in that war is to “join forces” with Jesus.

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