Friday, November 21, 2008

God is Love

The people I’m debating are on Bill Maher’s website and under his blog on his new movie Religulous.
This is my last reply on this subject unless you who read this have something to add. This is my reply to Binky, obviously gay himself and upset over what I was writing. Just remember from a Christian standpoint, God loves everybody. He just wants to separate us from sin and that goes for all of us. God’s law is eternal and doesn’t change with the times. His values stand firm and doesn’t sway with opinion. This world is going down. The question is; do you want to go down with it?

To Binky

I realize that we can’t stop gays doing what they are doing. What I am against is that they want to influence everybody else to accept their lifestyle. And when I say accept, I mean approve. I can love a gay person with God’s love. It doesn’t mean that I sanction his way of living. As a Christian I’m surrounded by people who curse, drink, fornicate and think they’re living life. I’m not better than them, I have just received God’s salvation and I have been delivered from those kinds of sins. I’m not perfect and never will be, but God has changed my heart so I don’t desire what I used to desire. And everything God says is wrong is there for our benefit. He as a good Father wants the very best for us. He knows what will destroy our souls, what will eat our heart out. All His commands are for our own good. The further from God we live, the further from Love, (GOD is LOVE), the further from peace, (GOD is PEACE), the further from truth, (GOD is TRUTH). You can try and change that as much as you want but God will always win. You can’t win against God. He actually won victory for you through Jesus Christ. So that you can be free and have eternal life. You may not see that yourself but your language is very raw, full of sexual words. I think many gays live in sexual bondage. They talk about love, but it’s very much just about sex and lust and body parts. It’s sad; we are so much more than just a body. We are spirit, soul and body and we are not supposed to live a life where our bodies dictate our lives.

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