Friday, November 14, 2008

Cont. Bill Maher's movie Religulous

Like I wrote before, I was 30 when I met Jesus. I was not raised in the church. I believed in God as a child and I never denied him, but I never understood who Jesus was. When I was a teenager I had a career as a singer. I was touring, recording, doing lots of TV. I had quite a life looking from the outside. I was a celebrity, something a lot of people seem to desire to be these days. I have a lot of good experiences from this, I got to travel and see things a lot of people don’t have a chance to, but on the inside I was very insecure and hurt. People can be very brutal to you when you are everybody’s “possession”. Look at Britney Spears for example. What happened to me was I became a seeker. I searched in all kinds of places in my 20’s. I looked into Eastern religions, scientology etc. And I withdraw pretty much from society. To me, the most important thing was to find spiritual answers. It wasn’t till I started to read the bible that my life began to change. I had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks frequently, and I sensed how the words of the bible were speaking to me and were penetrating the darkness inside me. This was going on for about 4 years, and that day at the beach in Spain I was laying in the sun when I felt the Holy Spirit come over me, giving me a choice to choose life or death, and I was sure did I say yes, I would die. But the love I felt was so strong I decided it was worth it. I said yes and the love of God filled my whole being and I was weeping like a baby. It was tears of joy and I was totally crushed at the same time. This happened in August 1985 and my life has never been the same. I’m now 53 if you can do the math, and I totally know what it’s like to not be a Christian. I also know of the anguish and everything else that people go through when they don’t have Jesus in their lives. Fear is a big constant in many people’s life. God’s love can take that away. There are a lot of lukewarm churches, where there’s no fire of God. When I first was saved, God led me to a church where the presence of God was so strong sometimes you had to hold on to something to not fall over. I now live in America, and I know there are churches like that here too. I have not seen that move of God here in California. The Pentecostal movement started on Azusa Street in L.A and I believe it can happen again. It can even happen to you Bill Maher!

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