Friday, November 14, 2008

Bill Maher's new movie Religulous

I have not seen Bill Maher’s movie, but I’ve seen him on TV and heard him on the radio totally mocking Christianity. I think Christianity can take a punch or two, and I don’t even think it’s wrong to joke about some of the more human aspects of Christian life. I have found that God has a lot of humor and I have laughed in church more than anywhere else. When the Holy Spirit is at work many times very funny situations are created. And this is happening in spirit filled churches. But I think Bill Maher together with atheists and humanists have on their agenda to get rid of Christianity. Which is absurd. It’s like wanting to get rid of the creation itself. Just because Bill Maher can’t understand Christianity doesn’t mean he should try and wipe it out. Truly, nobody can understand God. The only way you can get to know Him and get a glimpse of who He is, is through revelation. Revelation is the Holy Spirit revealing spiritual truths to man. No matter how intelligent or intellectual we are, our human mind cannot comprehend the knowledge of God. Only through receiving words from God to our heart, spirit, can we start to know who God is.
Here are some of the things I wrote on Bill Maher’s blog. Let me know what you think…

I guess my hope is that Mr Maher himself will read this. It’s interesting how he with all his wit and smartness have the same arguments as any man on the street. I’ve been talking to people in many countries and they all think they are very original in their thinking, but the way they oppose the gospel is almost identical. One big mistake Bill Maher is making is, that he thinks that Christianity is a religion. True Christianity is NOT a religion. It’s the only way man’s spirit can be born again and come alive. Through Jesus Christ we can get divine life into our very core being. No religion can do that. A monkey can be trained to be NICE, but that’s not what Christianity is about. WE are not NICE, we are filled with the power of GOD. There are a lot of Christians whose only aim is to be NICE, but that’s not what Jesus died for. He came to deliver us from DEATH which is holding people captive. Jesus conquered DEATH. That’s not religion, that’s REAL! I was 30 when I was born again. My whole life was radically changed. I didn’t even go to a church to receive Jesus and His resurrection power. I was all by myself on a beach in Spain. I found a church later, because with my new life and revelation of the truth, I wanted to have fellowship and teaching from other Christians. No movement can stop people from get to know Jesus personally. They tried in China and they have tried in Soviet Union. Now people are trying very deliberately to kill Christianity in America. There are groups of atheists and humanists that are trying very hard. No man can stop The Holy Spirit from talking to and revealing the truth to any human being. It doesn’t matter if she’s in prison or in a country run by dictatorship. Not even in America with all her freedom can the gospel of Jesus Christ be stopped. In every generation there have been and are people that are saved. In these latter days more people than in all history together will come to faith and there’s nothing either Bill Maher or anybody else can do about it. It will come to pass. I hope you who read this will be one of those people that receive eternal life and heavenly joy.

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